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Your Source for Small Business Loans & Financing

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Small Business Loans & Financing


Helping Small Businesses Grow Across The U.S.

At Steer Financial, we understand that no two businesses are alike.   We offer financing solutions as unique as the business owners we help.  Together, we can help steer your business to its full potential.  Step one is determining which type of financing is ideal for your business.  We work hard to deliver honest, reliable, and transparent customer service so you can feel confidence choosing us to help you meet your business capital needs. 


Serving All 50 States

By leveraging our network of 45+ partner lenders, we can offer tailored solutions to businesses across the U.S. regardless of their size or industry.

Secure + Safe Data

We strive to keep all of your information secure and private.  We assign a funding specialist to guide you along the entire process.


10+ Years of Experience

Our expertise has enabled us to understand small businesses and offer the highest level of service to you and your business.


What Is a Small Business Loan?

Small business loans can help give you access to capital to expand or invest in your growing business. The funds can be used for various purposes like renovations, payroll, or operating expenses. Obtaining small business loans for your business doesn't have to be difficult. Forget about the long dreadful paperwork. With our easy, simple, and secure application, you can have access to flexible options to meet your business needs.

Talk to one of our funding specialist to secure the right financing for your business.


Three Easy Steps to Secure a Small Business Loan


Our team of experts with over 10+ years of experience will help you fill out a simple and short online application completed within minutes.


We have partnered with over 45+ lenders to ensure that we match your business with the best lender and the most competitive rates.  We work quickly to provide an approval in as soon as a few hours.

small business funding


By utilizing our streamlined fast funding approach, your business can access the necessary capital in as little as 24 hours from the moment you approve the terms, ensuring a timely and efficient process.


Small Business Loans To Take Your Business To The Next Level

We understand that making a decision that could significantly impact your business is a major undertaking.  We are committed to providing assistance throughout the entire process.  Whether you are at the beginning stages of researching which business loan options are best for your business or simply need support with securing additional financing.  Below are just a few types of loans to help you make an informed decision.

Small Business Loan

Loans against future earnings are known as working capital, merchant cash advances, or term loans and can be used to cover everyday operating expenses.  These loans can be used as a bridge or as short term funding helping your business' cash flow.

Equipment Financing

Options for nearly every industry and for every kind of equipment.  Equipment financing or leasing can help you purchase the necessary equipment for your company's continued success.  Monthly payments can be spread out over a manageable period of time.

Business Line of Credit

Gives your business access to revolving working capital that can be used when  needed.  You will only be charged interest on the funds that you actually borrow, and you can access these funds repeatedly without submitting a new application each time.

Talk to one of our funding specialist to secure the right financing for your business.


How To Qualify and Get a Small Business Loan

When applying for a small business loan at Steer Financial, small business owners must provide accurate information pertaining to both the company they are applying for and personal information on the loan credit application. We find it that our simple credit application is far easier than those of traditional banks.

Steer Financial will ask for business and revenue information and the last three months of business bank statements upfront in order to review and understand your business.  Once our underwriting team reviews your business' information, your dedicated funding specialist will match your business profile with one of our 40+ lenders to get you and your business the best rate possible.  

Once your business is approved for a small business loan, your Steer Financial funding specialist will present different options explaining loan terms, loan amount, and documentation needed in order to get you funded. Once you agree upon loan terms and sign loan documents you will receive access to your capital in as little as 24 hours.  Your funding specialist will always work with you and your business, to answer any questions or secure additional capital down the line.

Time In Business

  • At least 6 months in business.

Monthly Revenue

  • At least $10,000 per month in deposits.

Personal Credit

  • Minimum of 600+ personal credit score.

Financial History

  • 1 year free from any open bankruptcies

Does your business fit the requirements above? Start your small business loan application today!


We Work With All Types of Businesses

We help secure small business loans in all industries by providing customized financial solutions and leveraging our extensive network of lenders to ensure the best possible funding options for each unique business.

Don't see your industry above, don't worry one of our funding specialist can help!


Hear It From the Small Business Owners We Served

"Steer Financial was so helpful for my business. They made the entire process so easy and straightforward. I can't recommend them enough."

-Kat S.

Hair Salon Owner

"I highly recommend Steer Financial! Very professional, knowledgeable, and efficient making the process very easy"

-Jerry R.

Gym Owner

"Steer Financial was so easy to work with. They helped me secure equipment financing for my business. I am truly thankful for them, and their helpful services."

-Clarissa A.

Aesthetics Owner

With Steer Financial As Your Financial Partner,
Anything Is Possible.

Small Business Loans & Financing

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