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Snow Plow Financing & Leasing

Unlock the power of your business with our hassle-free financing or leasing solutions.

Snow Plow Financing


Specialized Equipment Financing & Leasing For Your Business

If you are looking to purchase new or used equipment, Steer Financial has the equipment financing alternatives to expand your business.  With your small business in mind, we'll find the best boom lift equipment financing and leasing options.


Easy application and approval process.


Funding specialist support from start to finish.


Tailored financing options for your business.


Get funded within 24 hours from loan approval.

Talk to one of our funding specialist to secure the right financing for your business.

What Is Equipment Financing & Leasing?


What Is Snow Plow Financing & Leasing?

Snow plow equipment financing and leasing allows businesses to acquire new or used commercial equipment through a loan or  lease. Business equipment can be expensive, which can end up being a difficult purchase for small business owners. Equipment financing allows businesses to purchase equipment with flexible payments over time with the aim of becoming an owner at the end of the final payment. While equipment leasing allows businesses to acquire equipment through paying regular installments without the intention of becoming the owner at the end of the lease term. Both of these options can help propel businesses forward without impacting cash flow.

Equipment financing works by providing businesses with financing  up to 100% of the  value of the equipment with terms depending on the expected life of the equipment. Fixed payments are usually spread out on a weekly or monthly basis. Payments include  principal and interest pre-determined over the term of the loan or lease. Businesses can finance almost any type of  heavy machinery and equipment needed to run their business on a daily basis and be competitive in their commerce.

This type of financing allows  business owners to purchase equipment without putting a hefty downpayment upfront, as the equipment  itself is used as collateral for the loan. This means that the lender can seize the piece of equipment from the business owner who does not repay the loan. Lenders may ask for personal guarantees or put up collateral in the event of default.

Why Choose Steer Financial?


Helping Small Businesses Grow Across The U.S.

At Steer Financial, we understand that no two businesses are alike.   We offer financing solutions as unique as the business owners we help.  Together, we can help steer your business to its full potential.  Step one is determining which type of financing is ideal for your business.  We work hard to deliver honest, reliable, and transparent customer service so you can feel confidence choosing us to help you meet your business capital needs. 


Serving All 50 States

By leveraging our network of 45+ partner lenders, we can offer tailored solutions to businesses across the U.S. regardless of their size or industry.

Secure + Safe Data

We strive to keep all of your information secure and private.  We assign a funding specialist to guide you along the entire process.


10+ Years of Experience

Our expertise has enabled us to understand small businesses and offer the highest level of service to you and your business.

How Does Equipment Financing & Leasing Work?


How Does Snow Plow Financing & Leasing Work?

Snow plow equipment financing is a type of loan or leasing that businesses use in order to purchase equipment. Majority of business owners get equipment financing approvals, as this loan is secured by collateral. As mentioned above, lenders will take into consideration the value, history, and life span of the piece of equipment when determining the term length and interest rate.

Interest rates

Rates tend to start at 7.99% with terms varying anywhere from 12 to 72 months.  Interest rates are adjusted upon applicant's credit profile and market conditions.


100% financing

At Steer Financial we strive to secure an approval that matches up to 100% of the value of the equipment you intend to buy for your business.

Soft costs

In addition, Steer Financial can help your business get an approval that covers the soft costs for the new or used piece of equipment. Soft costs usually are additional fees from equipment vendors that tend to cover delivery, installation, warranties, etc.  

Repayment options

Repayment options can be tailored to meet your business' needs.  Payments are withdrawn on a weekly, monthly, or sometimes quarterly basis.'

Fast approvals

Get an approval within 2-4 business hours with a complete application package. ​

Snow Plow Leasing

Talk to one of our funding specialist to secure the right financing for your business.

Benefits of Equipment Financing & Leasing


Benefits of Snow Plow Financing & Leasing

At Steer Financial, we understand that no two businesses are alike and that’s why we offer equipment financing solutions as unique as the business owners we help.

Snow plow equipment financing and leasing can be used as one of the most important ways to invest capital into your business while managing cash flow and the company’s balance sheet.  There are certainly many benefits to obtaining equipment financing versus paying for new or used equipment out of pocket.

  • We guarantee the best offer on the market with minimal paperwork required.

  • We offer programs that are based on business performance, bad credit is OK.

  • Receive your equipment financing approval within hours.

Improve Cash Flow

Businesses often use financing as a way to manage their working capital on hand.  With the ability to use the piece of equipment as collateral some lenders require no down payment or upfront costs.  Low payments also allow businesses preserve capital to use on day-to-day operations without disrupting their budget.  

Tax Advantages

Your business may qualify for tax-deductions and depreciation by obtaining equipment financing or leasing. Portion of the payments and interest may be deduced on yearly basis per Section Deduction-179. Consult your tax advisor regarding any tax advantages that may be available.

Competitive Interest Rates

Unlike credit cards or personal loans, where interest rates start at 19%+, equipment financing and leasing offers competitive APRs that start as low as 7.99%. Interest rates are dependent on the value of the equipment, length of use, credit score, and payment schedule, etc.

Flexibility & Convenience

Either by obtaining  equipment financing or leasing, lenders will calculate a fixed weekly or monthly payment for your piece of equipment over a pre-determined term length. Equipment financing will have a fixed principal and interest with ownership rights at the end of term. While leasing will have a rent payment and interest, and no ownership at the end of the term.

Boost Your Business Credit

Having access to loans like an equipment financing is an excellent way to boost your credit score. Credit reporting bureaus like Experian and TransUnion, amongst others, analyze credit scores based on credit availability. Having equipment financing with excellent payment history  can improve your business credit rating as well as your personal credit score.

Financing vs. Leasing


Snow Plow Financing vs. Leasing

The difference between snow plow equipment financing and leasing is who owns the piece of equipment. Leasing a piece of equipment is vastly different than purchasing the equipment even though both types of financing can have fixed weekly or monthly dues. Leasing a piece of equipment means that the equipment is owned by the lender or a vendor with a predetermined weekly or monthly fixed cost for the duration of the lease term. Once the lease term ends, the asset is returned to the lender or vendor.

Financing a piece of equipment allows the small business owner to purchase the piece of equipment with installments over the duration of the loan. The equipment piece serves as collateral, until the loan is paid off. A small business owner then owns the equipment free and clear. Any interest expenses incurred on such payments are tax-deductible for your business, and can count as a depreciation expense when purchasing equipment.

Securing equipment financing can seem wary for many traditional lenders, but not for Steer Financial. We provide customized financial strategies for every industry and their equipment needs. There are many pre-qualifications out there, but do not worry. Steer Financial looks at every business with a unique eye, as exact qualifications vary by lender, industry, and type of equipment. We strive to help a variety of businesses from startups to expanding businesses.

Talk to one of our funding specialist to secure the right financing for your business.

Alternative Loan Types


Alternatives To Snow Plow Financing & Leasing

In addition to snow plow equipment financing, we offer alternative small business loan options specific to your industry and business' goals. From merchant cash advances to SBA loans our recommendations are tailored to your business' needs, so you can make an informed and appropriate financial decision.

Merchant Cash Advance
Working capital can be a great option for businesses with poor credit, which can give a small business owner access to working capital. Merchant cash advances are a predetermined advance on the future sales of the business, repaid on a daily or weekly basis.These type of financing is often used to bridge the gap between billing and payment cycles and can help keep your business financially stable.

Business Line of Credit

Business lines of credit are typically unsecured, which mean that business owners do not need to guarantee any collateral. Once a line of credit is open, a business immediately receives access to a fixed, predetermined credit limit. A company can start withdrawing funds instantly and as often as needed only paying interest on the amount withdrawn. Monthly repayments are set up by the lender at a fixed interest and principal amount. Access to continue working capital occurs as a business owner pays monthly payments. 

SBA Loans

Recommended loans when there is time to spare. These loans are available and backed by the U.S. Small Business Administration. Although the process can be a  bit tedious, as the agency requires a lot of paperwork to make a decision. SBA loans are better fitted for businesses already established looking to expand or buy real estate. 

Talk to one of our funding specialist to secure the right financing for your business.

How To Qualify for Equipment Finaning or Leasing


How To Qualify for Snow Plow Financing or Leasing

At Steer Financial, we will work closely with formulating a plan for your business.  We will assess your business with our partnered lenders to evaluate the strengths and assets your business has to decide on the loan's size and conditions. Strong financial statements and a high credit score might also increase your chances of being approved. To make sure equipment financing for your snow plow is a realistic choice for your business, our funding specialist will walk you through the entire process from start to finish.  Below is a quick overview of the minimum requirements in order to get an approval:

Time In Business

  • At least 6 months in business.

Monthly Revenue

  • At least $15,000 per month in deposits.

Personal Credit

  • Minimum of 600+ personal credit score.

Financial History

  • 1 year free from any open bankruptcies

Does your business fit the requirements above? Start your small business loan application today!

How To Apply For Equipment Financing & Leasing


Three Easy Steps to Secure Snow Plow Financing & Leasing

As a small business owner, you have plenty of financing and leasing options. These loans are a great way to expand your business and purchase new or used equipment. Steer Financial offers snow plow equipment financing and leasing options with fast approvals and flexible terms.


Our team of experts with over 10+ years of experience will help you fill out a simple and short online application completed within minutes.


We have partnered with over 45+ lenders to ensure that we match your business with the best lender and the most competitive rates.  We work quickly to provide an approval in as soon as a few hours.

small business funding


By utilizing our streamlined fast funding approach, your business can access the necessary capital in as little as 24 hours from the moment you approve the terms, ensuring a timely and efficient process.

With Steer Financial As Your Financial Partner,
Anything Is Possible.

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